The Heels Have Clicked

Back in another airport. Are you sick of reading those words yet?

As I wait to board a plane to the coast where I spent the last dozen years, it is no triumphant return.

For better or for worse, I have made a vow to California. This visit East is to say farewell – at least, for now. There is reluctance, trust me. I am fearful of what it means to make a decision to stay in a place with no definitive reason to do so. There is no job offer enticing me to stay in the Golden State. I still find myself impatient with some of the slower-paced San Franciscans. When fall hits, I am going to be longing for the rock-your-world foliage of the Adirondacks and wishing deeply for the plentiful apple cider of upstate New York.

Yet thanks to some pretty fabulous weather, a grandmother who brings me bananas after I fall asleep (ask me about it) and a church community that has given me roots and growth at the same time, I can’t deny the longing to stay here. Blame it on the drudgery of wanderlust, or the allure of start-ups and playground-like offices. It’s not quite ‘home’ yet, but the potential. Oh, the potential.




San Francisco

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay


And if I were holding Toto and wearing shiny ruby slippers, I have a feeling I would open my eyes after three heel clicks and find myself facing the Pacific.


3 thoughts on “The Heels Have Clicked

  1. Your pictures make me homesick. I have an old friend who was in exactly your situation almost 20 years ago to the month. He’s still there. He’s made a career out of nothing, started a family, and is doing quite well for himself.

    You’ll do great. And you can visit NY in the fall for leaves and cider. You are gaining a lot more than you are losing, but I don’t have to tell you that. Clearly, you’ve already figured it out.


    • Daniel, thank you so much. These words ring true, but sometimes the head doubts what the heart tells it to do. I’ll do my best to be back for perhaps the 6th tour de donut? 😉 But more importantly, to see all of you!

  2. Love this slice of life insight, Innae. I feel your words. I literally “wow”ed at the Golden Gate pic. Your courage and your honesty and your ability will carry you through–Keep your eyes on Him, he sustains us all.

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