A Week of Firsts

It’s been quite the week of new adventures and experiences. I:

1. ran in my first 5K, Color Me Rad

yes… the one resembling Shrek is me.

2. participated in my first trivia night (GO TEAM! … We didn’t win)

3. golfed my first 9 holes since having some sense of knowing what I was doing

4. branched into more epicurean efforts

My very own french press! = success

Steamed mussels = not as successful

5. tasted more of the delightful food that the Capital Region has to offer, including Rock Hill Bakehouse in Glens Falls and the Flying Chicken in Troy*

All worthwhile times to be had. I learned, I trained, I cherished, I ate.


However, I did the majority of these activities without companions. Let me clarify: I obviously played golf with a partner, ran with a team and guessed at random questions with my co-workers, but beforehand, I prepared solo.

Feeling bad for me? That’s okay. There were times where I threw a pity party for myself too (yes, alone again). There were other inaugural experiences that weren’t so pleasant (having my car battery die on me, driving almost 2 hours to a balloon launch where the balloons didn’t launch, etc.).

However, this is also a part of my Week of Firsts. I partook in a number of moments I didn’t expect to partake in, and I was able to accomplish them on my own. I’ve often relied on others to give me the encouragement and inspiration to venture into the unknown. But all this week, I foraged ahead by my own footsteps.


So here’s to more adventures! Join me, and we can plan together.

Or… find me on the way. I’m going to keep moving.




*You need to go to these places:


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